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R&B Beats

R&B Beats
R&B Beats for serious R&B artists who want that hot r&b beat sound for their next record.  If you are an R&b artist, finding the right r&b beat that has that up to date style are hard to find.  There are lots and lots of websites for rap artists but finding the right beats for r&b artists is sometimes hard to find.  Well you have come to the right place when you are looking for hot r&b beats and rnb instrumentals for your project.  No matter what style of r&b beat that you are looking for, has the right r&b beat for the song or track that you are working on.

We work with r&b artists who are needing a unique r&b sound to go with their lyrics and no matter if you are a songwriter for r&b artists or you are the r&b artist, we have all types of r&b beats and r&b instrumentals that will get those creative juices flowing so that you can start making the style of music that you want to give to your fans.  We have slow r&b beats,up tempo r&b beats,old school r&b beats,new school r&b beats,Trey Songz r&b style beats, just about any type of r&b beat style that you are looking for on the site, just locate the Flash Player on the website and scroll through the different rnb beats that are available to listen to.  Each R&b beat is labeled by genre so that you can get to them easy without having to listen to the other types of beats on the music player.  Once you find the r&b beat that you want to buy,just click on it and you will be taken to a secure page to download your r&b beats.  After payment is completed, you will need to check your email so you can download the r&b beat that you purchased.  The r&b beats are downloaded in Mp3 format and you will recieve the r&b beat link to download to your computer.

If you can't find a specific type of r&b beat on the player that you are looking for, we also have a service where we can create you the type of r&b beat that you are looking for and then purchase those r&b beats as exclusive beats.  In order to have us create a r&b beat for you, all you have to do is send us an email at and put Custom R&B Beat in the subject line.  Please be specific on what type of beat you want and what it sounds simliar to so we can make sure we create the right R&b beat for you.

Thank you for visiting and be sure to follow us on Twitter to here the latest updates on what Swagg Beats is doing and how we are doing it.  We also tweet the progress of tracks as we are working on them so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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